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“Our core values, mission, vision and everything are Create smart software to grow your business Make it really easy to use Innovate and keep improving it And yet keep it affordable"
About Us

world-class cloud solutions that transform the way SMBs manage their business. That’s the vision which gave birth to Yeeglee Business Solutions. After successfully providing customized solutions to client across industry verticals, Yeeglee has invested heavily in R&D to give a world class platform for SMBs.. A platform that will help businesses grow – the smart way! That’s how our flagship product – GrowSmartSMB was born. Yeeglee Business Solutions is now GrowSmart SMB Solutions Private Limited.


we started with 2 people, but now we have grown to a team of 16 people. And every single one of us is passionate about research and continuous improvement!


Management Team:


Rajesh is a seasoned professional in the IT industry with over 10 years of experience in advanced technologies. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA from prestigious institutions. He had been instrumental in delivering customized solutions to several multi-national corporations and Fortune 500 companies in India and in the United States. With the expertise gathered over the years, Rajesh now heads the Consulting and Implementation team of Yeeglee.


A tech enthusiast by nature, Ganesh Kumar is a highly successful serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He had established more than 5 successful ventures to his credit. Ganesh provides strategic guidance, and directly manages the marketing initiatives of the organization. Ganesh is also instrumental in ensuring the financial stability of Yeeglee with on-demand funding.


A gold-medallist graduate in computer applications and a post graduate in computer applications, Rekha Gopi leads the operations team of Yeeglee Business Solutions. Rekha has worked with multi-national corporations like Accenture and Zenta before joining Yeeglee Business Solutions. She is responsible for infusing process orientation into development and support operations.


Buvanesh Elumalai heads the sales arm of Yeeglee Business Solutions. He has diverse industry experience in sales ranging from lifestyle solutions to pharmaceuticals. Buvanesh is passionate about creating lasting value to customers at affordable budgets. He also manages administration and human resources functions of Yeeglee.